All About Us

We are a farming family who, over the years, have enjoyed the companionship of the smallest terriers all the way up to great danes. We currently belong to a fearless terrier, an over-enthusiastic collie, and a pointer with a mind of her own!

Having faced some canine challenges ourselves - from rescues with no recall training, dogs recuperating from operations, new puppies who have everything to learn, trying to walk dogs while looking after young children and one die-hard squirrel chaser we know how useful and multi-functional a secure, private field can be to all sorts of dogs and their owners.

We have a working background in welfare, behaviour and training and specialise in fantastic spaces and great enrichment for your dogs. Have a look at our fields to see what is on offer.


Our sustainability and environmental promise.

We are very passionate about sustainability. You will notice that much of our equipment is made from wood coppiced from our own woodland and materials upcycled from our farm. We promote recycling and conscientious waste management at our sites. We also have links with many local charities. We want to do our bit to protect the ecosystem, preserve natural resources and improve quality of life for all.